Do you want to contribute  to reduced CO2 emissions?
Choose Nordic Crown!

Timeless design and sustainable production with the goal of creating a genuine circular product flow.

We strive to minimize resource use and to maintain sustainable responsible production and consumption, which is why we design timeless sustainable products that can be used and reused for years. We offer service and spare parts to increase the life span of our products.

We strive to have a climate and environmental impact as low as possible and therefore always try to use raw materials and components locally or from Europe. Our products are designed, manufactured and developed in our own development centre as well as in our production units in Sweden and the EU.

If you want your Nordic Crown products recycled or if you have creative ideas on how we can help create a circular product flow, please contact us at [email protected]!


Our strollers, prams and other products are made from recyclable materials. We are also extremely careful to ensure that all our fabrics are non-toxic and kind to our customers and our own staff.
The majority of our fabrics are class 1 OEKO-TEX certified. A guarantee that no dangerous or allergenic substances are present in the fabrics.

We production in Sweden and the EU, always try to source our materials and components locally within Europe, a significant reduction in our CO2 footprint.

We always strive to have safe and well-organized workplaces for our staff including our factories, warehouses and offices in accordance with the European rules for safe work environment. The same applies to our suppliers!

Proudly Swedish!
After years of hard work, we have begun to re-assemble our products in BRIO’s old stroller factory building in Osby! The first products assembled in Osby are our Nordic Crown Race and Spin strollers. They are assembled by our own staff, with over 15 years production experience.